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Inside the Celestial Sphere Part Two

Explore the methods astronomers use to communicate the locations of objects in the night sky. We will delve into the “Horizon Coordinate System” and the “Equatorial Coordinate System”  and how they relate to standard Terrestrial coordinates. You will learn about Azimuth, Altitude, Hours of Right Ascension, Declination, and the various important points and paths upon on the celestial sphere. Discover how to calculate “Meridional Altitude” for any celestial object in the sky including the Sun, calculate stellar Declination Ranges for any latitude on Earth, and better understand the apparent motions of the Sun throughout the year.

This two-night class is for serious enthusiasts who know of, but are not comfortable with the coordinate systems that astronomers use, current astronomers who have used astronomical coordinates in the past, but need a no-nonsense, refresher course, and science educators who would like to better communicate the positions of objects in the night sky with their students or the general public.  You will leave class with a better understanding of the celestial sphere, and will never look at the night sky the same ever again.


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