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Special Outreach Event – Registration Required

Unlocking the Solar Eclipse: Science, Safety, and Spectacle

A Continuing Education class at Metropolitan Community College – Omaha

Instructor Professor Michael Sibbersen, Director of Education at Branched Oak Observatory


Using MCC’s innovative Science on a Sphere, Professor Sibbernsen will delve into the science of solar phenomena and Solar eclipses. You will not only receive information on proper viewing techniques for the upcoming eclipse but also build apparatus to take home to help you do so. If the weather allows, you will go outside and enjoy live, safe, observations of the Sun with both white-light and Hydrogen-alpha light telescopes allowing you to see sunspots, granulation, filaments, solar prominences, and more. All participants will also receive two pairs of solar eclipse glasses to use during the upcoming eclipse.

The link to register for this class will be posted soon.

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