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Special Outreach Event – Registration Required

How to Capture the Night Sky, the Solar Eclipse, and More!

A Continuing Education class at Metropolitan Community College – Omaha

Instructor Professor Michael Sibbersen, Director of Education at Branched Oak Observatory

Embark on a celestial journey that combines the artistry of photography with the fascination of astronomy in our class, “How to Capture the Night Sky, the Solar eclipse, and More!.” This unique course is designed to empower both photography enthusiasts and stargazers to better understand the techniques of capturing the enchanting night sky in all its celestial glory. Since the Eclipse is right around the corner you will also learn techniques to safely photograph the Sun.

Astrophotography equipment of all levels will be described and demonstrated, but nothing is required to participate in the class.  If clear outside, we will have the opportunity to use an electronic telescope that can cut through the light pollution of the city and image beautiful celestial object. We will also try take a few shots of the Waxing Crescent Moon with our mobile phones via eyepiece projection and a small telescope.

The link to register for this class will be posted soon.

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