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NOTICE: Because of weather forecasts, we are moving this event from March 5th to March 12.
The Hunting Orion Star Party on March 12th from 8 to 11PM . Our favorite Winter Constellation, Orion the Hunter will be high in the southwest. As you know, the Great Orion Nebula is one of the absolute showpieces of the night sky, and you simply can’t let Orion leave for the season without viewing this amazing deep space object. Other wonders you will have a chance to see March 12th will be the beautiful Seven Sisters Star Cluster, The Beehive Cluster, The Andromeda Galaxy, and a big bright Gibbous Moon (now that the date has changed). As a *very special treat*, and in commemoration of our Community Superstars for the month (see below), Firehouse Subs East Park Plaza be donating two large variety sandwich platters for our guests to enjoy! [While quantities last!]
The Community Superstars* for the Hunting Orion Star Party are…. Members of FIRE AND RESCUE. Thank you for all you do for the community! We hope to see you at Branched Oak Observatory March 12th for delicious sandwiches, beautiful views of the night sky, and a chance to win a great pair of binoculars.
*We are proud to introduce our new Security First Bank Community Superstars Recognition Initiative. Every star-party this year will have special “Superstars.” That is, a group of people from our community that we want to invite and officially recognize for the awesome contribution that they make to Lincoln and surrounding areas. If you are part of the honored group for that particular event, simply introduce yourself to any of the Branched Oak Observatory staff, and you will get a bright star sticker to attach to yourself so everyone knows of your special designation, AND you will get a raffle ticket for a pair 10×50 Vortex Crossfire HD Binoculars to be given away that evening. While the events are open to everyone, only our event Superstars will be entered for the raffle, and a single pair of binoculars will be given away at each-and-every star party this year. A very special THANKS goes to Security First Bank of Lincoln for sponsoring this, our very first year of the Community Superstar Recognition Initiative.

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